Molly and the Monarch, Children's Book


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Molly and the Monarch, Children's Book

Molly and the Monarch

Learn about the monarch life-cycle through the eyes of Molly the cat.
Written and Illustrated By: Rachel Lyon-Gagnon

One day Molly the cat noticed an orange and black butterfly fluttering around the garden, she was intrigued and walked over to a plant with a light purple flower. The butterfly introduced herself as a monarch but before Molly could say anything more, the butterfly flew off leaving behind a little egg.

Follow along with Molly while she watches a caterpillar hatch and grow into a big caterpillar. Learn about the magical world of butterfly metamorphosis and what makes monarchs so very special. The reader will also meet other North American backyard wildlife in this engaging and educational tale

Page Count: 44

Premium Color, 11 x 8.5 in

ISBN: 9781999217501


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