Forged By Nature is a small business committed to environmental protection and ethical sourcing.

All pieces are ethically sourced. The butterfly wings are collected upon completing their life-cycles. They are sourced from conservatories or butterfly farms around the globe and imported through their respective Wildlife Protection Agencies. 

A Quick Note on Butterfly Farming

Butterflies that are raised on butterfly farms complete their lifespan. Butterfly farming is an excellent practice that encourages the preservation of natural and native plants which in turn assures the survival of butterfly habitats. Native people are encouraged to grow plants and raise insects opposed to clearing land for cash crops.

A Canadian Company Dedicated to Canadian Wildlife

A portion of each sale is donated to Wildlife Preservation Canada. You can read more about the organization here- Home - Wildlife Preservation Canada.


About the Artist


My son and I would often visit the local butterfly conservatory. It was warm, beautiful and a great place to spend cold days. I grew to love the butterflies and plants; I started to learn more and more about the creatures that lived in the sanctuary. Their Latin names, their regions and their distinctive traits were fascinating to me.

Fast forward to today, I am now giving new life to creatures that have completed their life cycle and hopefully teaching others the importance of pollinators. The butterflies I use are sourced through a number of conservatories around the globe that are imported through their respective wildlife protection agencies. I source the imported butterflies ethically with the help of a retired science high-school teacher, who has many years experience in dealing with importing.

What is something fun, interesting and/or personal about you and your business?

Forged by Nature is focused on being ethical and educational. Each piece once belonged to a living butterfly. I hope that by using their wings and transforming them into jewelry, people will take a new interest in our natural world.

Pollinators are vital to our survival, and I am not sure how many people truly understand that. Hopefully these pieces will be a great entry into a conversation about conservation and climate.

The name of the butterfly and its native region is included with each piece. A portion of the sale is donated to Wildlife Preservation Canada. 


What is it that you specialize in within the crafting/handmade goods world?

I specialize in resin jewelry. I love how resin looks and feels like glass but isn’t as fragile and can become any shape I desire.

I use a resin that has been specifically designed for artists. Developed here in Canada by a husband and wife team, I am pleased to say it does everything it says it should. It is UV stable and therefore with proper care does not yellow over time.