Forged By Nature is committed to wildlife education and preservation therefore a portion of each sale goes to Wildlife Preservation Canada.

Your Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry Wholesaler

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Handmade Real Butterfly Wing and Flower Jewelry

Beautifully encapsulated butterfly wing and flower resin jewelry. Preserved for years to come. All pendants are durable, not breakable and the perfect gift. 

All pieces are ethically sourced. The butterfly wings are collected upon completing their life-cycles. They are sourced from conservatories around the globe and imported through their respective Wildlife Protection Agencies. 

Each purchase includes the name of the butterfly and its native region. 

Affordable shipping rates and excellent customer service.

Handmade in Brantford, Ontario Canada

Celebrity Style

Latest Testimonial

"I lost my mom almost 20 years ago and butterflies are her way of telling me she's here. So I knew which one I wanted when I saw it. I flipped it over to see where it was from and it was "Southern USA" I'm from Louisiana so I literally cried because it was absolutely my mom comforting me when I needed her! So thank-you for your beautiful art!"- Angelle from Mississauga